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Saturday, May 15, 2004


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» Closure on the MT3 Licensing Fury. from tima thinking outloud
At least for me it will be. I swear this will be my last post on the MT license uproar. SixApart has adjusted their personal licensing terms and made some clarification to their licenses. [Read More]

» MT 3.0 — continued from Preoccupations
Nick Bradbury: 'In the midst of the uproar about MovableType's recent licensing change, it's nice to see a few rational comments. ... Having been where the Six Apart crew are now, can I make a suggestion to those who are [Read More]

» It's not the time to miss the show from padawan.info
I was sure that by not crying with the wolves and expressing a dissenting opinion against the vast majority of... [Read More]

» Nick Bradbury weighs in from gamewhore
Nick Bradbury's asked people to chill out RE: MT3, and relates what he went through when first charging for HomeSite. There are some key differences between his situation and 6A's, though. [Read More]

» Movable Type from Jogin.com :: Weblog
So much have been written about the release of Movable Type 3.0, and the new licensing model, I thought I'd just chime in and offer my point of view, by request, actually. [Read More]

» Six Apart releases MT3.0D from Diaphanus @ Webdiva
Six Apart took everyone by surprise today and release Movable Type 3.0, the long awaited upgrade for it’s popular Content Management System more commonly know as blog software to the majority of it’s users. The excitement of the release was... [Read More]

» Six Apart quells the fury from MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse
Six Apart clarifies the issues. Next time, a deep breath might help... [Read More]

» MT Promises? from Chris Pirillo
I'm certain that some people think electricity, water, gasoline, books, DVDs, steaks, popcorn, broadband Internet access, printer paper, premium digital ... [Read More]

» Вот интересное мнение Ника Брэдбери, from БлоGнот
Вот интересное мнение Ника Брэдбери, автора FeedDemon и Homesite, о реакции на новую политику лицензирования Movable Type. Он сравнивает ее... [Read More]