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Friday, August 08, 2003


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yea, I'm with you there. I have a personal address that I've gone to great lengths to keep spam-free, but this week I got my first two Nigerian pyramid scheme emails. I have no idea how they got the address. I NEVER use it to sign up for anything; I have a special spam address for that (HINT: it's this one).

It's all so stupid if you think about it. I mean, do we have to have a separate mail box at our house for junk mail? There should be a way to stop it.

Sigh...time for a drink...

You could use www.mailinator.com - its pretty cool, if you are asked for your email address you can put in (something or a name)@mailinator.com and then if they're going to send you something you can check whatever you put in as the first part of the address at the website. Its absolutely not secure and the machine returns ANY email that is received for that address when you do a query. However, if you suspect spam, and you're trying to avoid the junk mail trauma, give mailinator a try.


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