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Thursday, September 25, 2003


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Sorry, my newsreader software seems to have crapped out.

I wanted to comment on how cool I think FeedDemon is. I loved that you put the tabbed browser interface in. I've been using one of the first tabbed browsers, NetCaptor, and it makes my surfing a lot more efficient. It has LOTS of other cool features, like popup capture, "Captor Groups" (save multiple favorites then open as one unit) and lots of others.

Looking at FeedDemon today, I had the thought "how cool would it be if these two product MERGED! Really, you should take a look at NetCaptor (netcaptor.com) to see how nicely the two would fit together. Stuff like this is why they coined the word "synergy".

I hope you and Adam Stiles can get together to combine your efforts. The result would be extremely effective and I think even more marketable.

feedDemon is getting around - http://www.city.pg.bc.ca/pages/citynews.html

Hi Nick & crew:

Your release of FeedDemon was the second best surprise for us this year! (the 1st was adopting a second dog on the spur of the moment... )

After using it only 3 days, I can't live w/o it... so sent you a snail mail thank you card... chow ciao!

thank you so much! I'm going to rumage around for my old version of top style and check it out too... too much software, too little time ... FeedDemon makes me glad I have a computer...

FeedDemon is Hot Stuff!

My spam protected email at Radioland is:

worried about those email scrappers out there...
gee, wish you didn't require email addresses...
hope you don't mind

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