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Friday, October 31, 2003


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Hi Nick,

I´ll create the Spanish and Galician FDLANG tomorrow, and you have my permission to include my FDLANGs with the RC3 install.

Martín Fernández.

This is Jedi speaking. I'll made zh-tw and zh-cn (Chinese) FDLANG in 24 hours. And yes, please put them in RC3. :)

A very minor point, but would it be worth adopting the same naming conventions as is used by Java's resoruce bundles? They allow for languages (e.g. English) and variants within the languages (e.g. UK English, US English). Quiye probably overkill for you, but to get an idea for how it works check out this overview: http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/Intl/ResourceBundles/

Oh, and I just noticed - in FeedDemon RC1 your URL text box doesn't seem to appear (windows 2000) - I'm posting this comment from Firebird.


French and Italian language files will be available on ftp.publipress.com/feedemon/ soon after RC3 is published.

Nick, you will be most welcome to include them in this or any future release of FeedDemon, but I'll wait to be able to test them on RC3 before making them available, just to be sure everything is OK with the fdlang file. After all it's your good name (and a little of mine, since you are so nice as to give translators credit, thanks!) that is on the game! ;o)

BTW, thanks for the tip on UTF-8, I was getting crazy with those diacritic characters...

Best regards

Serge K. Keller

I'm considering translating FeedDemon depending on the type of license that will be applied to my work..

Could you please explain what type of license are you planning for feeddemon?


FeedDemon will be released as commercial software (shareware), so the license would be a somewhat typical EULA.

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