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Wednesday, November 05, 2003


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Joel on the same subject - http://www.joelonsoftware.com/news/20030601.html

"Yo, Netscape employees! This poor sod Adam Lock is working in his spare time to save all your jobs. Wake up."

PS: hmmm, this comments box should warn that it strips the HTML tags inserted :(

This has sure been a hassle for HomeSite users. It's definitely a FAQ, with poor answers.

Is there a bugzilla bug somewhere on this issue that we could point to or vote for? If there is, perhaps someone can post a link here...

FeedDemon is real cool ! I managed to install it in Linux using Wine, however the applicaiton wont start since it needsInternet Explorer (which for obvious reasons I dont have in my Debian Sid box !!!)

Any ideas for people like me ?
FeedDemon is way, way ahead of any other RSS reader available for Linux (NewsMonster needs Java & is slow, Straw is just about finding its feet)

You can embed opera if you buy a licence from them. My guess is that the dll comes with opera. You can probably use a tool like dumbin.exe to see what's in them and find the right one.

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