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Friday, December 12, 2003


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Floored....just clicked you live down the road...truely amazed (I live off Old Hickory on other side of 65). Congrats on Boot Camp - I've been indulging in too much Papa Johns without the workout ;-D. My new years resolution will be to work out and get FeedDemon...well one of two ain't bad! Going through all the Program's steps then?

Pictures! We want pictures. :-D

Well done - those pizzas are tough work. You need a beer or two as well.

Stephen's post intriqued me to see where this famed Bradbury Software is located. Funny, I used to live in between the two of you. I lived off Holly Tree Gap Road between 431 and 31 (as it appears on Mapquest). Mapquest says its 4.74 miles to Bradsoft.

Hey, a fellow one-person company's runner!

It can get lonely sometimes (at least here). How is BradSoft doing?

The positive side is that you get to do what you want :-)

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