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Sunday, February 29, 2004


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Sorry Nick, but I think it's pretty umm...ugly. It certainly is unique and well-drawn and all, but somewhat frightening to say the least. Just my humble opinion.

I agree that it's too scary for a product logo - words like "war," "disaster" and "death" may sell insurance, but they won't sell an RSS reader :) I really just wanted a Gary Panter illustration of my own, regardless of whether I could use it.

Of course, with a little cropping it would work well with the caption "Prevent information overload," or some other phrase which could apply to FeedDemon.

What a Gawd-awful impression of feeddemon! Did you say free association or what?

Say "news" and "demon" together, and you get a buttoned-down obsessive that can't quit with something that scares the boogaloo out of him but is also his only comfort.

Very cool. Not commercial, but cool.

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