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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


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Ahhh, if only doctors would recommend gaming as form of recovery. I would also use this as an excuse to get a high end laptop that could run UT2K4 so you could play in bed.I am usually on as supernaut in UT2K4. Hope to see you around.

Here's too a speedy recover Nick.

Heh - I always say games are the only reason that computers evolved past the valve ;-)

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I was wondering if I should buy Homesite or Topstyle. Do I need both? It seems I can do everything I can in Homesite with Topstyle, is that pretty much true? Is Topstyle better than Homestie? Can Topstyle be my primary XHTML and CSS editor?


Don't know if you've ever played competitively (in a team/clan) but I used to be Captain of the UK Unreal Tournament Instagib team on Clanbase.

Have dabbled with UT2003 and UT2004 since then, but Uni work is taking its toll on my free time at the moment. Hope to see you on the servers maybe when I get some free time.

Keep on fraggin' and get better soon.

Nick, I'm absolutely thrilled that your surgery went well and that you're enjoying the video game(s) as you recover. That is all indeed wonderful news!

Being out of pain like that is giving me more serious incentive to move forward with similar surgery. I have three herniated discs in my neck from a car accident several years ago (pick-up truck pulled out in front of me... it wasn't pretty... in a nutshell, I'm lucky to still be here). My doctors told me then that I needed surgery right away but I've held off waiting for a less invasive laser surgery approach they've been doing in Europe for years now -- with mine they want to take bone from my hip to replace the 3 discs, fuse the bone between those 3 discs, and put in a metal rod. I'd also be out of commission for at least several months recovering. I've "managed" the injury and pain with special exercises, Motrin, not lifting more than 5-10 lb., giving up all my active sports activities, getting a highly ergonomic desk setup, and using speech recognition software as much as possible. Lately, though, the pain is pushing beyond the brink... today I was laid up with ice packs on my neck most of the day. I think I've had more than enough. ;-)

I followed the links about your surgery, and your terrific results has really turned my head around... wondering why I've put this off so long. :-) I also really miss skiing, roller blading, bike riding, tennis...

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, Nick, and I'm thrilled to hear you've had such positive results. Keep us posted as you can.

Hey Nick, Glad to hear the surgery was a success!
If you're enjoying games again, consider getting an Xbox so you and your son can play together. At age 4 most kids are more than capable of picking up the gameplay. (My son was about 4 when we got the Xbox.

It's a lot of fun for Dad and son, and more relaxing than sitting in front of a computer monitor!

Yeah right, you can play Unreal but not program! ;-)

I hear ya. I decided after MY son was born 4 years ago the exact same thing, but I was never able to kick the habit so... kudos for you! Luckily now my son is old enough to play video games so I get the best of both worlds--video games, and quality time.

Good to see you're on the mend, Nick. Take your time getting better - don't take it too fast. We can do without you for a few more days.

Hey, be careful that while playing you do not make any sudden movements avoiding those deadly head-shots. Could result in other back injuries.

Hi Nick,

I don't know you personally, but I do know you through your products. Your surgery is over by now, so I'll wish you a speedy recovery. Good luck and take care of yourself.


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