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Thursday, May 27, 2004


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Ha! I have great memories of taking my 4 year old daughter to see (a somewhat tamer :) ) James Taylor. Lawn seats, lots of sweets - by the end of the show she was screaming out "JAAAAAMMESSS TAAAYYYLOOOR - WHOOOOO" and everyone around us was laughing.

She's turning into a country fan though (her mother's doing!) so I'm hoping her younger sister is gonna be a Rock fan! :)

Kids + music = good thing.

Not to sound like some over-protective moron (I don't even have kids), but what about ear protection at the Rush concert? A show like that is really loud to an adult. I can't imagine what it does to a 5-year-old's ears.

At any rate, here's hoping my, yet to be conceived, children are full out rockers!

For the unlearned amongst us, you can hear YYZ on Rush's site. Go to "Rush Radio" and check it out.

I've reached a point where concerts aren't that much fun, short of seeing Jimmy Buffet of course. But I'd make an exception for Rush. Off to TicketMaster...

Alex, not to worry - I brought a good set of ear plugs :) Also, the concert was outdoors, and wasn't nearly as loud as some other shows I've seen.

Quote: Kids + music = good thing

Definitely! Too many parents I know make no effort to introduce their kids to the good parts of pop culture, or if they do it's to goofy crap they wouldn't have tolerated when they were kids. Part of me is hoping that by exposing my kids to musicians who write their own music and actually know how to play their instruments, they'll be less of a target for the soulless corporate pop that seems to infect so many kids.

Oy, I sound like I'm well on my way to being a cranky old man, don't I :)

Good on ya then, for the earplugs. An outdoor show wouldn't have been a problem most likely anyway. I just remember the Widespread Panic show I saw back in college and I thought that everytime Dave Schools played a G my fillings were going to come out.

But then, what's rock without a little pain?

Got tickets for Glasgow, Scotland in september.
Suddenly feels like a long time away ...

Whoa. A dad who takes his son to see Rush as his first concert. I am impressed. Actually, i'm so impressed that i may have to buy FeedDemon for your attitude alone! (actually, your aggregator is really good too)

And i hope i can take my daughter to see Marillion as her first concert in a couple of years' time :)


That's awesome! I have my tix for August in D.C., but I can't imagine taking my 5 yr olds (twins) to a show. I must be getting old, the shows are almost too loud anymore. :-)

BTW, FeedDemon is awesome! I was curious, if you're willing to share, what toolkit do you use to build the GUI? It's a great product so I'll hopefully be getting my registered license soon.


Jim, FeedDemon was written using Borland Delphi.

Other than all of them :), what are the essential Rush? I can think of the Rush (their first), 2112, Fly by Night, and Moving Pictures. What else?

I think Permanent Waves and Vapor Trails (their most recent) are essential.

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