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Monday, June 07, 2004


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Considering that story was published today, you think they could have fact-checked that support forums bit?

Much deserved props, Nick. Given the lead time for PC World and the general total lack of quality of *any* mainstream magazine article/review, mega props.

Regarding the diss on the NNTP based support forum, what nonsense! IMO, no web based forum software can compare to a good NNTP based forum. Any decent news reader can make a support vehicle vastly superior for many reasons. But, any point I could make about that is moot.

Congratulations Nick,

Well deserved, but expected ;)

With the FeedDemon Tips Blog you have already addressed the first strike at least to a certain extend, which shouldn't be unmentioned.

RE: "Considering that story was published today, you think they could have fact-checked that support forums bit?"

Well, they published today, but the article was researched over a month ago. They sent me a "fact check" email in early May, and at that time I was still using NNTP.

I actually should compliment PC World on this article, because unlike a number of similar roundups I've read this one is obviously written by someone who knows his stuff.

Fantastic and well deserved, Nick.

In fact, I just convinced my wife (last week in fact) to let me purchase FeedDemon and I've been happy with it.

I love FeedDemon for its versatility, noteworthy features and streamlined interface.

Congrets Nick! Really cool.
What a bogus cons :) I think a con would be web based support forums, usenet works much easier and faster in my opinion. :)

Yeah, but what you forgot to mention was that four-and-a-half stars meant that FeedDemon was the number one rated. Don't be too modest Nick!

Congratulations! I haven't seen it listed here already, so I thought I'd add that FeedDemon was listed as the "Editor's Pick" in the article.

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