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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


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This is a great story, thanks for sharing! Kids say the darndest things. The other day my 22 month old daughter turned to my parents as we were leaving their house and said, "Drive carefully!" You gotta love them.

Congradulation on 5 years of TopStyle Pro. I think I've been with you for about 1.75 of those and I'm glad for it!

Good to hear... I know it's hard to make a living especially through what you do.

I have many friends who administrate sites like DeviantART and other free(ish) sites...

Glad to hear you are making it well with your family and real life outside of programming.

We have a bible study small group that meets each week. While the younger kids (6-10 yrs) normally play separately, sometimes we'll sing a few songs all together to start off an evening. We meet at the house of the percussionist from our church's worship team, so he has *lots* of kinds of drums and several gym bags of various cool noise-makers... the kids *love* to all grab something and 'play' along.

Quite a cacaphony, but I love to see their faces... ;-) ... and, no, they usually aren't singing along...

Isaac certainly put a great quote to it though. ;-)

So did you get the Gwendolyn CD yet? If not, email me your snailmail adress and I'll send you one. Your kids will love it. Guaranteed.

Happy birthday, Isaac, even if your dad is an old meanie who didn't get you the CD.

Hey Bob, I actually *did* get that CD for them - but oddly enough, they didn't much care for it. I'll play it again sometime soon, though, just in case they were having an off day :)

Well in that case, I'll buy it from you. No doubt the kids have better musical judgment than I do.

Bob, it looks like I have to eat my words. I played the CD again for the kids, and this time they *loved* it - especially the "I Don't Think I Like It" song.

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