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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


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Great stories Nick :) Stories like these make me not want to wait any longer for kids... I am sure there are bad ones too, but leave em for later, I am getting married this Saturday :)

hahaha... that's great stuff! it's great to hear parents 'enjoying' their children.

Hey, congrats on your upcoming marriage, Josh!

Evil toe? That is definately a free thinker you have there.. any show of love for the PC??

I can see you are really going to enjoy parenthood, at any age... ;-)

(as do I. it's great!!!)

nice to see others who enjoy the odd stories rather than worrying that their kids aren't conforming... I've always told my wife that I never aspired to be 'normal' and that it just meant boring or uncreative to me.

Ha ha! I have a son turning one this month, and I love the "evil toe" story!

Love for the PC? Evil Toe? I bet she'll be a Mac user!

It's great that your kids resist fitting the mold. I don't have any kids at the moment, but my fiance (can't get used to that - it's only been a few days officially) and I have been seriously talking about it.

Granted, at my age, they'll probably have to be adopted, but you never know.

Congratulations, Yvonne :)

Brent, both of my kids starting using a PC before age two.

Those are both marvelous stories. I particularly liked the concept of coloring inside the moon. Thats really great.

Wow before age 2? I have a 7month old that has thrown a mouse at his sister.. But I don't think that counts. The other two are into it okay, but they are 8,6.

Brent, once your 7mo old stops tossing the mouse, let him try BabyType (http://www.raize.com/CProducts/BabyType/ ) - it's what I got both of my kids started on.

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