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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


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Excellent. I am looking forward to the release. Thanks again for all of your hard work, Nick!

Allow me to add the obligatory, "w007!"

Don't be so nitpicky about "fixes vs. new features." Those release notes read like a wishlist, to me. I'm pleased as punch just with the corrections.

Sure, I'm looking forward to bigger and better features, but the fixes in 3.11 will go a long way to keeping me, and I'm sure pretty much everyone else, very happy.

That doesn't mean get started on FD 2.0, though. :)

Thanks, Jack :) FWIW, I'll most likely develop TS4 and FD2 at the same time, since a lot of code will be shared between them.

Man, just the addition of the "Goto Line Number", has me ready to click on the download button.

Thanks for adding that in Nick.

Oh, and BTW, Jack - I should mention that you reported more bugs than anyone else in v3.10!

Really? Wow. I need to get a life. :)

Looking forward to the beta, keep up the excellent work!

P.S. Looking through the changelog, I didn't notice if this error was fixed:


Using Ctrl M (to find the matching tag)... click on the first B, Ctrl+M matches it to the wrong tag.

Hi, U added Netscape 7.0 Style definition in new TS 3.11 and what about Mozilla Style Definitions will you add them too ??

Any chance of getting a size column in the file list panel or is that too big of a feature request?

Also I wrote a C# keyword (no objects or anything just simple reserved words) file for syntax highliting and it works great between script tags but if I add the required runat="server" attribute the highliting fails... any way this can be resoleved?

If both are too big that's fine, I can wait for 4 or whatever but I figured I'd ask.

Nicholas, v3.11 is intended as a bug fix release, so the only new features are ones that are exremely important (such as updated CSS definitions).

Voloda, Mozilla is a moving target, so any Mozilla style definition I include with TopStyle would have to be build-specific - which would, of course, result in lots of requests for an updated definition everytime a new Mozilla build was posted. Rather than go down that route, I chose to include a Netscape 7 definition (which is pretty much a Mozilla style definition anyway).

Nice nice nice! TopStyle is still the best css editor out there. Every other editor I've tested have all been a mess, topstyle is nice and clean (except maybe for the toolbar being a little bit of a mess, but you can allways customize that).

Matt, this nesting bug hasn't been fixed yet, but it is on my TODO list for 3.11. Most likely you'll see this corrected in the first beta next week, but if not, it will be fixed in beta 2.

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