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Friday, August 20, 2004


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Nick, I seriously like Dexter better than most of the web comics out there. You could make a career out of this, if you get bored of writing software. (But please keep writing software.)

Thanks, Michael - that's really great to hear :) Some day I just might return to cartooning...

Hi, I recently discover this blog, nice cartoons.. :D tough, they didn't display in Firefox 0.9.1, at least the one in this page and the others in the links below.
May be you wanted to know this...

Strange...I also use Firefox, and the cartoons show up just fine for me. Anyone else seeing this problem?

FF 0.9.2 on WinXP SP1. All five look fine to me.

I dont get it? Is it an American thing?
(WinXP SP2 IE6.2)

I drew this cartoont over 10 years ago for an American audience, so chances are it makes sense to Americans more than New Zealanders :)

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