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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


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I must say that I like it very much that we can help test the betas, and see the functionality of FeedDemon progress in each release.

I love betas (got Mozilla 1.8a4 here already), for that simple fact.

Thank you Nick for allowing us to share in the development :)

I would love to hear how the syncing actually works. In my quick testing it seems to me that all it does is download those posts to my local FeeDeemon copy and mark them read on the online service (Blogines in this case). This is not syncing in my opinion. What happens if I don’t read a post that was downloaded at that moment in that local copy of FeeDemon? I then go home to my desktop machine. I want to read those unread posts at home, but I can’t because they were downloaded at work, but not read at work.

A web-based version still works best for me.

I'm with Woody, here. I *love* the concept and I was thrilled to download the beta and give it a try. FeedDemon is my favorite stand-alone reader but I gave it up because I have 2 Macs, 1 PC and a PocketPC device and having all my feeds only accessible on one machine doesn't work for me.

However, unless there's true syncing where unread feeds are remembered from one device to the next this is no different than my exporting an OMPL file from NGOS or any other reader and importing it into FeedDemon.

So now I no choice but to read all my unread feeds in FeedDemon (and there are a lot) before going back to the web.

I had trouble with the synching as well. If it works, I'd like for all of my feeds to synch, not just one specific group. I guess it ends up being like POP or (preferably) IMAP for email.

Also, I'm a REST fan and was even taken aback at how simple the BlogLines API is. The pipe-delimited response seems too unstructured. I'd like to see REST adopt more formally XML and querystring formatting for both request and response.

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