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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


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I am getting "feed://" isn't a registered protocol on Mozilla

However, I managed to subscribe to dexter with bloglines by omitting "feed://"

Why this feed protocol? It doesn't make sense to tell something about the file in the URI scheme/protocol. We have MIME types for such things.

Reiventing the wheel has been done too much lately, imho.

Anne, reinventing the wheel is sometimes necessary when it keeps going flat. MIME types aren't a viable solution for feed subscriptions (see http://pirate.typepad.com/blog/2003/09/problems_with_m.html ). The feed protocol was invented to provide something that could actually work. If you're aware of another solution that works in practice rather than just in theory, then there are many aggregator developers who would like to know about it.

If application/x-bittorrent works great, why not application/atom+xml or application/rss+xml?

Nick, where's the OPML file? ;)

Erki, the OPML for my feeds is built into FeedDemon as the "Bradbury Software" channel group, and you can also get it from http://www.bradsoft.com/feeds/opml/Bradbury%20Software.opml

The OPML links for my forums feeds are displayed within the forum, but I should expose these on my feeds page, too.

Nick, using 'feed:' creates other problems, like not being able to access the file from browsers. MIME can be completely trusted. That Dave didn't add it to the specification is a mistake of RSS. Trying to fix it with this proposal isn't going to help a bit. Instead of advocating 'feed:', advocating people to use the correct MIME types for their feeds would probably help more.

Besides, ever heard of the LINK element? I believe that is probably the most useful way for pointing to feeds and is quite widely adopted and easy to implement.

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