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Friday, September 17, 2004


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It looks to me like you already are running it. ;-)

Sam, your server logs are showing my own private build of FeedDemon, which has been hitting your RFC3229-enabled feed quite frequently today so I could test it :) I plan to have a public beta of the next FeedDemon release on Sept 28, and this beta will include the "A-IM: feed" support.

Today I got 7 requests from your ip address over a span of 32 minutes... all of which returned a status code of 200. No 304's. No 226's. All 200's.

Sam, did all seven of these requests also send an "A-IM: feed" header? I was testing the release version of FeedDemon earlier today, which doesn't use this header.

Whoops, scratch that, Sam. I know what happened now. While testing the A-IM:feed support, I unsubscribed from your feed several times to clear it from FD's cache. Each time I re-subscribed, FeedDemon no longer had the last modified timestamp, so If-Modified-Since wasn't used. This would explain why you returned HTTP 200 rather than 226.

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