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Friday, September 03, 2004


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I cannot believe what I am reading! Sheesh. Oh, how I wish I had a delete comment link now.

*shakes head*

No worries. As soon as Nick fires up FD, he'll see it and rectify things.

Yeah, he will.

Well.. for what it is worth Nick, I haven't said anything yet, but I love your work of Dexter. :) Any chance of us seeing new ones? Pretty please beg beg? ;)

(sigh) Step away for a few hours, and some comment spammer sneaks by me. I've deleted the offending comment.

Eadwine, nice to hear that you're enjoying Dexter! I'd actually _love_ to create some new cartoons, but between TopStyle, FeedDemon and family, it would be hard to find the time to get started again.

It just occured to me, a suggestion or question that I hadn't thought of yet. Does your commenting system have a "foul mouth" filter? That way words like fk and such will be filtered out.

Maybe that filter will also enable (with a bit of PHP tweaking) things like posts with words matching the filter to be denied and the ip logged so you can ban them manually?

I know.. I have been way too much into PHP coding lately, but I think it can be acchieved that way.

I've never been comfortable with the idea of a curse filter - that just seems unnecessary for a blog like mine. I've had a number of people post valid comments with a few curse words in them, and that doesn't bother me. Now, if this was a blog about the Teletubbies, I might think differently.

However, a filter which looked for multiple instances of f**k might make sense, since the only comments I've had like that have been spam. Instead of banning them, though, it might be fun to replace the curse words with words like "bunny" and "gumdrops" :)

Now that would be a very good idea. At least it will not create more work for you, and we can all have a seriously good laugh at the comments!

I think this can easily be accomplished with an adaptation of string-replace in PHP: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.str-replace.php

You are making me WANT to get those spammers now! *laughs*

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