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Monday, September 20, 2004


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this is great news. Firebirds (and for that matter Thunderbirds) RSS-Support is nowhere near there where FeedDaemon is. Not even remotely.

So this extension comes in very handy.

Thanks for the news.


Phillip- I guess you meant "Firefox" and not "Firebird", hey?! ;-)

Nick- When are we going to be able to use Gecko as the integrated rendering engine for FeedDemon? (and I mean officially supported) That would alleviate the temptation to use Thunderbird for RSS for me personally.

However, I must say that FeedDemon is _WAY_ ahead of Thunderbird. Still, since I use Linux and Windows it is getting harder to resist the tug of the 'bird... ;-)


Kevin, Firefox is my browser of choice, so I would *love* to be able to offer full support for Gecko inside FeedDemon. But this just isn't feasible until the Mozilla team starts taking the Mozilla ActiveX control seriously. As it stands, there are too many problems with it for me to offer it as a fully supported feature.

The rss intergration into thunderbird is fab !


Hi Nick

I use FireFox precisely because it doesn't support ActiveX. Perhaps I have an unreasonable belief that it is a security hole-waiting-to-happen-and-often-does.

Is there no other way of getting Mozilla to work with FeedDaemon?


John, hundreds of Windows applications use ActiveX controls. The major security issues with ActiveX controls are when they're run inside your browser, not when they're used inside desktop applications.

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