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Monday, November 08, 2004


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I'm glad you've taken this position. One thing that's always been obvious it that you listen to your customers (which is why we're loyal).

I'm still bummed out that I had to cancel out on BloggerCon - it would have been nice to have last week end on a positive note!

I only wish there was a similar event here in the UK as I would love to attend.

I like the idea of not allowing any advertising, etc. of products.

I also think your $1000 donation won't be wasted. You make great products and listen to your customers.

Its a good idea, the no advertising rule - but how would you avoid advertising when ur name alone can be considered almost advertising.

You haven't wasted money.
I agree, you make great products, and you listen to your customers.
Aside from the fact that your products are usually highly popular & tend to change entire markets and internet/webdev cultures.

He's all about customer service. =)

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