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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


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small dream come true!

from what I read, this is exactly how I wanted it in FD. Not to diminish the accomplishments of the other enclosure-aware aggregator developers, but this saves me loading .NET and the hassle of multiple programs with feeds, amongst other things.

Once again I am reminded why I chose (and paid) for FD!

Nick is a freak of genius.
I wonder if FeedDemon will be entering a new generation of RSS before anyone else.

I dont know of any other program that can do this?


Nice job as usual. I agrre wiith Jort - thats why I paid for FeedDemon. I don't use podcasting yet but I see it as something that I will want to use in the very near future. It's nice to know that FeedDemon will be waiting for me when I jump in. Where do I send the check for the next version?

I was hoping that FeedDemon would support enclosures so I can use a single app for the RSS browsing.

The implementation looks very well designed.

Wicked awesome.

I'm happy you're about to implement this feature. But I don't know if I got it right. Your idea seems to involve various kinds of media players. But what about the iPod? For that it would be necessary to import the files into iTunes instead of just copying them to the iPod directly.

Jan, you're right, of course. I've updated the docs to reflect the difference between using an iPod and most other media devices.

To sync with an iPod, I'll use Apple's iTunes COM SDK. Most of the other MP3 players I've used map to a local folder, so synching involves simply automating the copying of downloaded files.

Really looking forward to this one, Nick! Ever since I heard the podcast of you at Gnomedex, I have been eagerly awaiting this one :D And from the looks of the documentation, it's a really good implementation! Can't wait for the beta! :D

This sounds great! Thanks! I'm especially curious to see how you handle the connection to my Rio Karma. Through Windows Media Player, I assume, but I couldn't get the ipodder application to do that bit.

Steve, does the Rio Karma map to a local drive letter when you connect it to your PC? If so, then the synching is done by copying the downloaded files to the mapped drive.

Nick - this is great news!

FYI - you should be able to query Windows Media Player for a root location if it's installed, which would allow you to get the correct location to place files to use the WMP sync without requiring the end user to input it manually. I use WMP's capabilities to do the syncing of audio content to my Rio Carbon, for example.

Nice to see this is coming!

Nick, I am not sure what you want to do? Do you want to get the name and/or filename of the current playing audio file in Windows Media PlayeR?

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