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Thursday, November 04, 2004


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First of all I would love to hear some of those fart jokes.

Second of all I'm very excited to see PodCasting in FeedDemon. Keep up the good work.

Using iPod headphones while driving? Someone didn't read their iPod manual's safety precautions :-p Might I suggest this:




Nick, I'm interested in your thoughts on the RSS feeds containing enclosures of bit-torrent types.

Probably not the 1st time that fart jokes in an enclosed vehicle led to an "aha" moment :)

Blogdigger's has a set of media feeds that support enclosures, at http://www.blogdigger.com/media/

Lance, I think BitTorrent enclosures are a good idea. I worry, of course, that this will become yet another way to pirate software and music, but since piracy isn't the only use for BitTorrent, I have nothing against the idea.

Greg G, thanks for the link. Does Blogdigger provide a way to search these media feeds?

Nick, if you have any more Aha moments that you don't have time to produce, please send them to me.

I'd be interested to see some BitTorrent support. I am reminded of all the recent complaining regarding RSS and the bandwidth usage it may or may not cause. What will happen if 5000 subscribe to your Podcast and you are sending out 10-20 meg files every 15 minutes? Imagine the bandwidth horrors that will happen then.

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This is great news. My progression in getting the podcasts on my Dell DJ has been interesting. I started out with iPodder. Not bad, but sort of stupid manual nature. I poked around and found Doppler. Doppler kept a history of stuff, and it ran minimized. It also let me know of downloads. Great! My problem has been the use of a separate application.

With you adding this support, I am incredibly happy. I could have all my podcasts download to one folder. I could then tell Dudebox explorer to synchronize this folder and my Dell DJ. I like this. No need for multiple applications, and I already run FeedDemon in the background.

Any help I can offer as a beta-tester, I would be glad to assist.

Although I don't have an iPod, I'm still interested in enclosures. But I have a request (whcih you very likely already have covered): I would like to have control over scheduling the enclosure downloads. I have a slow dial-up connection at home, but a nice unsaturated T1 at work, so I want to make sure that I have control over when the downloads take place. The controls should at least based on time of day, but it would be cool if I had the option to make a rule based on the network I'm on (something similar to what can be done using Proxy Auto Config files).

Dave, FeedDemon will enable you schedule downloads based on time of day, but it won't have rule-based downloading related to the network your on.

The podcasting additions in FeedDemon sound great.

One request I have, though is to ask is it possible to create seperate playlists (based on where the podcast is coming from) rather than one playlist called "FeedDemon Podcasts"?

For example, I am currently using the "Now Playing" plug in for iTunes http://brandon.fuller.name/archives/hacks/nowplaying/, which downloads seperate playlists to my iPod based on where the content is coming from. So I have a playlist for the Engadet podcasts, the Daily Source Code podcasts etc..

From what I can see, FeedDemon will combine all these podcasts into one playlist. Am I missing the point here, or will it be possible to seperate playlists similar to how the "Now Playing" plug in does?

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