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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


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It's only a matter of time. Perhaps Google will jump in with targeted ads in RSS feeds that reflect the content.

The absolute worst feed in terms of ads (IMHO) is the Industry Standard feed. They insert the same tall skyscraper banner for every entry, regardless of what that entry is about. I've only been subscribed for a few days but I'm thinking about dropping it already.

RSS for me is a way to sidestep the invasive bullshit such as ads. I will unsubscribe from every feed I see containing an ad. If people rely on ad revenues, they should make their feeds description or title only so people will click through to the site if they are interested enough. Ads can then be displayed on the site.

MHO, the dos and donts of ads depend entirely on your audience and your motivation. Broad absolutes are really only guidelines.

I would like to see a feature to say block all images from a feed before being disaplyed in design form, this would cut the problem off adds, yes it may stop 'Brocili Girl' from showing but there could be a descriptive link instead of the pic (navigate to if appropiate/wanted)

This would save download times on slow connections and keep the feeds clean and add free. Hmmmmm im guna add this little feature tonight.

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