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Thursday, December 02, 2004


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I'd second that. FeedDemon is the best software purchase I've made in a long time and it just keeps getting better.


Hi Nick. No problems :o) The reason i made it #1 was the use i get outta it. Its fired up daily and used requlary. I started in the free beta days and been hooked then and been using it daily since. Cheers for a great product.

You have had a very productive year Nick and deserve all the kudos you get.

Wondering what cool stuff you will bring us in 2005!

congrats, what we have to remeber tho is nicks support to customers, its top notch and id actually say its better than the actual product in some ways.

Happy customers are paying customers ;)

Macromedia have just launched their new "Knowledge Base" portal at http://www.macromedia.com/support/knowledgebase/

Why is this important? Nick wrote HomeSite which is still a major part of MM's software lineup - and still the best at what it does. Nick no longer owns HomeSite but it still rocks (just like TopStyle and FeedDemon).

I agree. While I haven't purchased it yet, I plan to soon.

I love everything about it, except that I wasn't easily able to figure out how to change styles.

Keep up the great work!

RSS and FeedDemon have changed my life!

Thanks for the kind words, folks :) Peter, yes, it has been a productive year for me, which has been very gratifying since I was afraid I'd have a bad year due to my neck surgery last April.

Nick... Great product. Hopefully, you get some new customers from this article:


Happy to recommend FeedDemon.

Thanks for the link, Charlie - I'd missed that article.

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