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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


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Wow, right up there with Beavis and Butthead!

I usually get links from this site with people looking for Banana Phone and clicking on my comment. Of course I also get a lot of links for people looking for pr0n, something that I don't have on my site.

I'm surprised you get people looking for porn, Randy. What is it that drives them to your site?

I'm the proud holder of the top google spots for "bayesian avocado", "spammy goodness", and "alien abductions" (though the last is actually kind of reasonable, given the site that pops up).

It's a little odd, I suppose, but I'm kind of proud...

W.B. McNamara

And now that you have linked to yourself you will get even higher on Google.

I used to have a "recent searches" box on my site that linked to an internal search (powered by Google API). I created such a loop that I had to take if off for the amount of nonsense comments I used to get. :)

And now I am myself stuck with RING RING RING RING RING BANANA PHONE! Argh! :)

so when do you start taking advantage of this by offering the "Bradsoft Official Banana Phone?" (with RSS reading support included naturally) ;-)

Sounds like a new money-making opportunity for you.

LOL! That's it! But I had a good laugh! And your daughter loves Broccoli too I hear!

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