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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


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I'm just sorry I already own both your applications.

Wow, thats quite a donation! Good on you!

Donating the little profit you make from this software to others is the most selfless things I've heard in a long long time.

I'm sure you have some good karma coming your way.

By the way, buying this software has also been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I'm glad my money is being put to good use too.

Way to go, Nick. I will enjoy my licensed copy of TopStyle even more (and I didn't think it possible!) knowing what a generous donation you've made.

Bravo Zulu to Nick, but I've got to wonder how some people can feel good about finally going from pirate to licensed user under such circumstances. How can they justify the fact that their legitamization comes at a cost of $8000 to Nick?

Suggestion: The pirates that licensed FeedDemon in the last month should buy another copy (maybe two as pennance!) now that the proceeds go to Nick this time.


Nice one Nick.

Why do you have to advertize your donation?

Wow! So why do I do not trust the Australian Red Cross who kept more than $14M in donations from the Bali bombing?


I was kind of curious on how much you'd make. $8000 (about £4,500 in UK sterling) is an exceptional amount!

Ironically, this was the opportunity for me to move to TS 3 full, as it fell good for payday; by happy accident my family has just donated a similar amount to the fund, so in a way we've now doubled it.

What really depresses me though is that so many folks are trying to use a pirated copy of software that costs less than $80 (£50) to buy. Come on guys, we're not talking M$ bloatware here!

WOW! That is a serious amount of money and you will certinally help a lot of people.

I wasn't expecting it to be that much money. Did you donate all of December or just the week from Boxing Day to New Year?

@John. He isn't "advertising" his donation. He is posting about it on his _personal_ blog. I can't speak for everyone but I was interested to see how much would be raised.

John, I'm not advertising the donation. This donation was made possible by people purchasing TopStyle and FeedDemon, so I assumed it would be of interest to readers of my blog.

Morgan, the donation came from sales during the last week of December. Let's just say it wasn't a typical sales week for me :)

I thought it was wonderful that you donated all your proceeds for that week. Awesome.

Happy New Year!

Dang! That's great news. That's some serious sales power as well. Even a quarter of that in a typical week is impressive dough. Lord knows you've worked hard for it.

The school that I teach at is currently raising funds. We have several students who make their home in the affected part of the world and it's nice to see teenagers come together to support their fellow students.

What a great donation for a time that seriously needed it.

Thanks for an excellent product and your generous donation to Red Cross!

That is totally cool Nick. Congrats on a great product and a very selfless donation to the cause.

Well, if you compare Nick's $8000+ to the $10.000 donated by George W. Bush ... (at least this was reported by Austrian Press Agency)

You are truly one of the good guys. Keep up the great work.
This is just one of the reasons you have me as a customer for life.

Well done.
I was considering buying FeedDemon. After reading about the donation.
I have !

Wow! That's some donation!

I thouhgt you are a good shareware auther but you are far more than that. Although I didn't know that but I've been feeling that before this donation.

I'm really happy to be a customer of your products.

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