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Monday, February 14, 2005


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Congrats Nick!

We (users) are not surprised, Nick.

FD is easier to configure & install than IE! With tabbed browsing, search engine integration and all of its other features...We know a good thing when we see it!

Congrats on the good reviews! This is a truly killer app. I've been working on a non-commercial feed-reader Flash-app just for fun and FD is my inspiration. Of course, it's nowhere near FD but the way FD beahves for a user is helping me learn and understand user interaction. 2 thumbs up :D

I'm using a Feeddemon trial version.
What can i say? A must i need to have soon!
No one maked appreciation to the browser: it works great!!
And the podcast support..wwoww!
I just want a 19'' monitor to better appreciate your efforts..
I need to subscrive to paypal to order it!
p.s. do you need someone to translate your software in italian for free?
Just to help you and let you continue your great work.

Cattolica(RN) Italy

Thanks for linking back to my "article". And thanks for such a great software!

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