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Saturday, March 19, 2005


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Go for it man, congratulations! It doesn't matter where you came in, just that you got up and did it after the pinched nerve. I can ride a bike as far as the day is long (I raced until an injury caused some serious knee surgery), but you runners have my utmost respect. I don't think I could ever do what you've done.

Dude, anyone who can run a half marathon deserves credit. But anyone who runs it after what you have been through deserves it even more :) . Congratulations.

Thats great to hear Nick. Congratulations :)

Just out of interest what is your favourite beer? ;)

Morgan, after a long run, Miller Lite is my favorite, but in all honesty I'm not all that particular. Choosing my favorite beer is like chosing my favorite supermodel. Sure, you may have a favorite when you think about it, but when you actually have the opportunity to have one of your own, you're not about to be picky :)

I assume that it is you that can't spell, Nick, and not your kids!!

Actually, my kids are 4 and 5, so they're still new to spelling!

Congratulations. Glad you're better enough to run it.

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