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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


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Thank you in advance for fixing the Mozilla preview issue. It was driving me absolutely bonkers.

Great news Nick!

Yay for you fixing the preview issue. :)
Keep up the good work!


I've voted on the bugzilla entry. Hopefully that will increase the likelihood of this bug being fixed as well. I'm sure it'll be beneficial to have better, less buggy ActiveX support for Mozilla.


Another bug to fix is: I have Microsoft Intelli Optical mouse. I have customised the 3 buttons. One button is minimize and another is to mazimize. When I press that button, TopStyle Pro v3.11 turns into a small tab, and is minizized. Not as a normal programme would but, a tab on the taskbar. And then I press the mazimize button and it does not mazimize.

Here is another bug, again: When Topstyle highlights a class (defualt colour is yellow), it only highlights one class for a tag, not all of the classes for that tag.

A feature I would like to request is when you view related styles, by right clicking on a tag, I would like to be able to click on any of the styles and it should be added to the tag. There is also a bug when TopSyle highlights the a tag in green; this tag is not highlighted: My Avatars. Nether is any other one which has a # within it.

Please try to get all these bugs fixed, they really annoy me.

Also try to include the High-Colour Icon within TopStyle this time. Thanks.

A month ago I bought a Mac mini seeing as how it was so inexpensive and it plugs right into my Samsung LCD monitor and Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Since then, I haven't switched my PC back on once and I expect it will be going to a junk pile in my office. Surely I don't miss the fan noise, and the insecurities with viruses and spyware (I won't miss Gator or the Weather Report that keep getting themselves installed without my permission). There are two applications I miss -- those are Paint Shop Pro (sure, I guess I could buy Photoshop) and TopStyle. TopStyle is my favorite PC application and I would surely pay again if it were ported to the superior Mac OS X.

Please, Please...Why can't we have an OS X version of TopStyle? No other style sheet editor compares...when sir? when?

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