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Friday, April 08, 2005


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Wow that was quite dark there in the middle! I never thought I would see Dexter battling existential angst. :)

Yeah, that is kind of dark, isn't it? It surprises me that I created these strips when I was so young (somewhere between 19-21).

This cartoon is fucking FREE?! I'm gonna hack the shit outta this cartoon, get the code and spread it all over the internet like i shoulda done to bill gates 15 years ago! etc..!
Sorry, I just read some of your old stuff starting with banana ohine and came accross that letter you got and shat myself. Thanks for the aformentioned and giggles ;)

yeah that shoulda been banana phone. ps have you seen the one w/ banana phone where the guy is schitzo w/ this song in his head on ebaum? good times

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