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Thursday, June 16, 2005


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pretty funny. I'd wondered why you hadn't posted to the blog in a few days... now we know. ;-)

so, are you going to apply your mania to any new projects any time soon?

Fantastic news! If you need any alpha testers, do let me know. I'm glad to run through FD Project X from front to back if you need it :)

That drug sounds scary! I'm assuming no news about your hearing means that it's come back?

Haha what a great post :)

Glad to see you are having, umm, fun! while having a loss of hearing.

Can't wait to see FD 1.6

Also, sorry for being OT, when do we get out NewsGator subscriptions?

I need to find out how to get some of that drug. I need to rewrite a system and rewrite it fast.

That would be great!

Can't wait to see FeedDemon 1.6 in action!

So, speaking of newsgator synchronization, what's the status of that in the short-term? Is it available now (in non-optimal form) or is that still coming? (Still a little cnfused about the whole merger thing)

hehehe great post :)

This makes me really, really happy... I was having my doubts about whether we would ever get the folder view! Not seeing it in 1.x is dissapointing, but understandable - you can't give us everything in free upgrades ;)

If you decide not to release this in 1.6 I'll gladly help test it :D

Morgan, sorry it's taken so long to make the free NewsGator subscription available - the wait should only be a couple of weeks longer now.

Molly, there is minimal NewsGator synchronization in FD1.5, but it's being completely rewritten for the upcoming FD1.6.

"In addition, these changes will make it much easier to offer the folder-based UI that so many have asked for - expect to see this sooner than planned!"

Nurse! More drugs for Mr. Bradbury ;)

Man! I wish some of that energy had gone into Top Style! :(

Good lord! The first few paragraphs made me think I was reading my boyfriend's blog. You programmers sure have a lot of scary things in common. :-)

Maybee you can fix newsgators online reader. I have a subscription to http://feeds.feedburner.com/LachlanGemmell-SoftwareStartup that I have to mark as read every day. It shows the same 10 stories as unread over and over again.

Thanks for the reply Nick.

I wasn't complaining about how long it was taking though, just wondering :)

if it was really for 2.0, then why not just release the next version as 2.0?

Blimey, that stuff sounds like fun. Can you take another bunch and attack TopStyle next please ;-)

Ah prednisone. I know it well, have had to take it a couple times recently for my back. Does a great job killing inflammation for sure. I can remember trying to sllep and just giving up, but man o man was I tired after a few days! :)

Greg, I'm in that boat right now - I stopped taking the prednisone this week, and I'm freakin' tired!

Just wondering: will this mean memory and bandwidth consumption go up, and users will now be overwhelmed with a huge list of feeds? :)

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