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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


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I would be more worried about you calling it FeedGator ;)

How come you sold your company? It's so awesome...

You should switch that around, Nick; nothing screams ultra-hip retro-kitsch like using the 50's Z-grade horror name "DemonGator".

"Crawling from the depths... to feast on LIVING FEEDS!"

Eric, I'd be willing to switch to that name just to see the icon :)

an RSS-reader that lives in the sewer.... and grows and grows...

hmm, the sewer part would have associations with the spyware 'gator' ;-)

DemonGator - FeedGator - NewsDemon
hummmm. They have ALL a better ring than 'NewsGator' anyway.

the program formerly known as feeddemon

Next they'll be changing the alligators name to dis-assciate with the damn spyware b0770cks!

don't overreach yourself with similar spyware and non-spyware company names. you can always check if a name belongs to spyware on the anti-spyware site, providing spyware database.

why would company chose name so similar to something, thats so related to spyware?

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