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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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So when can we, your Loyal and Patient FeedDemon Users, expect to see 1.6?

(signed) Posting From Within A FeedDemon Browser Window Right Now

Mitch, we're hoping to put out beta 1 of FeedDemon 1.6 some time next week.


Nick, this stuff sounds *great*, exactly what I'm looking for.

With one exception, there are some feeds I subscribe to in bloglines (my current web option) which aren't appropriate for me to be reading at work, will I have the ability to say 'sync my feeds but *not* this one'?

Koz - NewsGator has a function called "Locations". From the documentation:


What is a "location"?

A "location" is a term used in Web Edition to represent a feed group. A location can be any of the following:

* A computer running Outlook Edition
* Web Edition
* Email Edition
* Mobile Edition
* A group of feeds exposed as a public OPML file

All of your feeds are tracked within Web Edition; any particular location can include any subset of these feeds. This allows you to have separate (but possibly overlapping) feed lists between home and work, expose a small subset of your feeds to NewsGator Mobile Edition, or only expose certain feeds in a public OPML file.


You can check this out even with with a free Consumer Standard subscription.

ok, here comes a VERY ignorant question... The bloglines is b/c I travel constantly and need to be able to access content remotely... so with FeedDemon 1.6 with there also be web-based access/services that allow me to view/aggregate content beyond what is on my home PC (aka hs the app installed on it)? I want to use your app [since we live less than 3 miles away from eachother... hey, i'll meet you at Grassland Grill some time for lunch] but I need to be able to use the app both on my home pc and remotely via a web interface... Any thoughts and I'm sorry if this question sounds retarded.


ok, so I am retarded... what I meant to start with is.... I currently USE bloglines and want to switch to FeedDemon...... [whew!]

Christopher, the short answer is yes, FeedDemon 1.6 will synchronize state (ie: read/unread items) with NewsGator Online, which is a web-based RSS reader (similar to Bloglines). So, you could use FeedDemon on your home computer and rely on NewsGator Online while travelling, and have your feeds synched between them so you don't read the same item twice. Or you could use FeedDemon on multiple computers and have feeds synched between them.


You're a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you. And, actually, I'm serious about getting togther at Grassland Grill. I'm getting together with Chris over at podcast alley. Maybe we can do a Meat and 3 podcast. Let me know via email the best way to reach you.

[email protected]

just bought it and am now "luv'n it" I can't wait for the 1.6 release. I'm very PLEASED!


How do current owners of FeedDemon get a valid copy of NewsGator? I remember back when the first announcement was made there was mention of current FeedDemon owners getting a 2-yr. subscription or something along those lines...

Looking forward to 1.6!

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