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Monday, July 18, 2005


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Ah, so that's why my serial number didn't work :) . Thanks Nick, I figured you'd be able to work out the problem.

The blog spamming guy is still about - I had him hit mine a few minutes ago. I deleted it since I didn't think it was a fair criticism - or FUD, as you say.

Nick: Any chance that wfw:commentRss support is on the roadmap? I really like a lot of things about Feeddemon, and with "inactive updates", you've addressed one of my biggest concerns... but without integrated comment feed support, I still can't see using FD on a day-to-day basis.

Interesting to learn of your action, Nick, re the FUD commenter. That person posted a comment to a post I'd written about FeedDemon on one of my blogs with the exact same comment he'd posted in the forum.

I answered that comment to my post with the same answer I posted to his forum comment (which looks to be part of your delete, and which now explains why my forum post total went down by one!).

I'm not removing the comment nor banning the commenter (well, not banning yet anyway) from my blog. Anyone reading the comment and my detailed response in context can see quite quickly the complete lack of objectivity (and, indeed reasoning) in the original comment.

Banning the person is one thing. Deleting a comment is another entirely. Other than obvious spam, the only time I've ever deleted a comment on my blog (and I have, just once) is where the comment was xeonophobic and likely to seriously offend many people.

But that's my policy, not yours. I do wonder, though, whether deleting an unfavourable comment - no matter how much FUD it could present - really is a good idea.

Neville, I'd usually agree with you, but in this case I feel completely justified in removing this person from our support forums.

This wasn't a situation where someone simply posted criticism - I can deal with that, as existing forum posts attest. This was a situation where one person was posting the exact same comment to many different blogs, and he signed up in our support forums for the sole purpose of spamming us as well.

Our forums are provided as a place where we support our customers, and there's no reason we should tolerate trolls from those who don't even use our software. That's an unnecessary distraction not only for us, but also for our customers.

Yes, I can see where you have the justification in this case. If I were running a forum like this, I would have done the same, for the specific reasons you mention.

Thanks for commenting on that.

I had a problem where the BETA blew all my suscriptions and groups away. While I have recoved most of the critical feeds, I had wanted to hang onto old posts...

Discouraged, but still a fan...


Russ, can I get you to post this bug in the beta forum ( http://www.newsgator.com/forum/messages.aspx?ForumID=7 ), along with any information that might help us reproduce it?

Apart from the activision issue - it rocks!

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