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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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Fantastic news! I look forward to getting my hands on 1.6 sometime soon.

How will Newsgator support the channel groups btw?

Thanks for the info Nick, it's great to hear you're taking the feedback on board - you've got a great product and i'm sure FeedDemon will go from strength to strength

Since things can be updated across the board now...here's a few random ideas.

It would be nice to sort channel groups by last update (newest stuff on top) and/or interest rating. I'd also like to create a special group for the top interest rating. That way I can preserve groups as categories and still manage to hit the major unread stuff when I'm too busy to scan everything.

It would also be nice to sort feed items by any tag on a per-feed basis. That might handle those non-conforming folks that end up with oldest items at the top of the list, for example.

Looking great Nick but whats up with the Firefox icon on the Browsing tab ;)

Does this version include Newsgator Online synchronization?

Tim, yes - FeedDemon 1.6 will include synchronization with NewsGator Online.

Just what I am looking for (http://mikewills.name/archives/2005/07/05/looking_for_a_better_aggregator.php). I just may buy a copy if this works in a way I would like it to.

Awesome news. That is a little annoyance. Can I recommend a v. 2.0 enhancement? Onfolio's ability to capture, categorize & annotate rss postings (as well as web pages, notes, etc.) is a great idea, but the implementation for the report writer (to create web pages based on folders, or in FeedDemon's case, your News Bins) is a little underpowered. But they are the best out there currently, which represents a great opportunity. :)

I only read one channel group and use any others to remember feeds I've discontinued (or might not read). The group names say it all Often, Seldom, Never...

Reading all groups would be a definite negative.

Please leave the ability to only update the current group. (Updating them all is a bad idea for people like me.)

- Please leave the ability to only update the current group. (Updating them all is a bad idea for people like me.) -

It's in their, Mike. No worries. :)

Thanks Jack. That's great.

Quick question, did you ever get the syncing with Bloglines sorted out?

Tom, which part of the Bloglines synching are you referring to?

And here I thought nested/subgroups/tree view was the most requested feature...:)

Sorry...couldn't help that ;). This is probably the only reason I don't use FD all the time (gasp! the horror!). Now it'll always be in my tray.

"Well, let's just say I was wrong - very wrong - because second only to synchronization, the ability to update feeds in inactive groups has been the biggest feature request."

I think you forgot nested (tree-like) grouping of channels, which has been by far the most requested missing feature in the FD forums ever since I've been visiting them.

Daniel, I definitely haven't forgotten the nested tree - I did mention it in this post, after all :)

True True ;)

Good luck with your work on 1.6!!!

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