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Thursday, July 07, 2005


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Awesome! I love it!

That is everything I have wanted in the reading pane. Thank you Nick!

You're killing me. I want it!!!!!!

The new Surfer style is a blast (I love being on the inside. :)

Any chance that the sort options could toggle? What I mean is, Sort by Date seems to be set to oldest to newest. Sometimes I prefer newest to oldest.

In the past I've dealt with this by hacking the style to change the sort order and saving it as a new one. Switching required changing styles.

Great looking - just wondering and hoping that the Full|Short|No description setting may turn out to be channel-specific (remember settings for each channel).. some feeds suck and don't really include anything useful in their descriptions (but still have useful feeds), others are awesome. Separate settings for different chann... well, you know what I mean by now. :)

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