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Thursday, September 22, 2005


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I'm reading this good news in FeedDemon right now, and I wish you all the best for your recovery.


I've been following your progress and I wish you the best.

Glad to hear things are improving!

Delighted to see you returning to the game. We'll keep talking about you while you're gone. :P

aww nice to hear the comments are appreciated :)

Hey Nick. I'm sure boredom is good, like it's lifes way of showing you *how* exciting the exciting bits are ;) Trouble is, it's boring being shown this...

Brilliant to hear you're meding so well. Keep it up - I'm looking forward to TopStyle 3.12 >:-)

Nick, I'm admiring your good and strong attitude and wish you all the best, a quick recovery, and good times with your family and your dog!

Nick, step away from that keyboard and relax!

FeedDemon can wait - and don't let Greg tell you otherwise! ;)

Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Glad to hear from you, Nick. Agree with those above, a little rest never hurt anyone, and plus, this gives us all more time to play with betas =)

good to hear you're continuing to improve... so they didn't scramble your brains around *too* much... ;-)

Glad you're taking a break for this. I'm sure it's hard to do given your normal style of life but you certainly deserve it and ultimately it's good for you to have *some* downtime.

Besides, who knows *what* kind of things you'd be coding when you're dizzy and half your brain's been cut out. ;-)

No!! Keep the stiches in and keep the hair! Only ~30 days until Halloween! =)

Hey Nick, glad to read that you are recovering well.

As I read your story, I was reminded of Joni Mitchell's lyrics to Big Yellow Taxi.

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

We take our health and safety for granted. It is only when it is threatened or taken away from us that we realize how much we appreciate our good health.

I am looking forward to reading that you are back to prime fighting/coding condition.

Take care, Nick!

Hi Nick,

I’m in med school doing my post grad in Internal Medicine, and came across your site (and wonderful program) by accident because of a common passion Delphi. From there on to your blog….

I was very moved by the spirit you have shown before and after your op. It was a different experience for me to read a patients view, something that a lot of doctors tend to marginalize. (like ones appearance after a procedure) I know form experience that it would have been a very traumatic experience at diagnosis and after the procedure. What is so impressive and applaudable is your spirit. Your blog entries are still funny and with such a positive spirit. We are all proud of you.

(on a different note, just started using feeddemon and already I am so impressed. I wish I could write a Delphi app as good as you have!!)



I wish you a good recovery of this heavy surgery. I really hope the positive attitude in your postings is for real and I wish you'll keep up a strong mental force. A friend of me is nearly blind - but from birth, so he says: "I don't know better, I'm just having a wonderful life." I surely hope you'll be able to look at your handicap of hearing in somewhat the same way: accept it and enjoy all the stuff you still can do.

I'm very happy to learn you are feeling and getting better. You are in our prayers.

Nick, I'm a huge fan of Feeddemon, just wanted to say I'm glad u're doing alright :)

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