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Monday, October 10, 2005


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The server is getting slammed. I can't connect at all. Sounds like good stuff, though and it addresses a particular feature request that didn't make the cut. ;)

I'm feeling a new FD Search definition coming on.

Manually "trackbacking"


Well, disregard the Search def for now. Since results aren't returned as RSS, FeedDemon can't do anything with it.

What if FeedDemon created a "gada.be" search folder, and combined various OPML files output from gada.be into one "term" in the sidebar?

I'm guessing here, (Nick would have to confirm) but we're so close to the release of 1.6 that it wouldn't make the cut.

I do like the idea though. I've got a few extensions to this that I'll share with Nick if we get some time to talk about it.

Do I take this to mean that there's no plans to implement RSS output from gada.be at this time?

There are plans... :) That'll likely be a joint venture with a FeedBurner of sorts.

Eeeeeexcellent ;)

Anything you could do for gada.be in this impending (or future) release would certainly be appreciated.

You're currently one of the top crawlers, FWIW... http://gada.be/stats

Chris, I'll follow up with you by email shortly.

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