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Saturday, October 15, 2005


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As a Top Style user I am harboring a growing sense of resentment and dislike for FeedDemon.

I think the predictions that TS would take a back burner position (way back) were well founded. This is very disappointing for me ... but the latest rash of FD coding must be the other end of the spectrum for FD users - so congrats on that I suppose. ;)


The tray icon is STILL broken.

I've set the option to only update the current folder. I can mark all as read and minimize the app, and invariably the tray icon will start to show that there are new posts (after a while, doesn't happen immediately). When I bring up the full UI, I can see that there are actually NO new posts.
Please, please, PLEASE fix this for the next beta, as the tray icon is essentially useless right now.


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