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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


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That's great news. Now, when will NetNewsWire be available to FeedDemon customers :)

I've always used NNW when on my mum's mac, it's nice to see the two best desktop aggregators have joined forces to make life better for us all :)

Heh. NOW the G4 Powerbook prize for the Newsgator API contest makes sense...:)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that we will get NetNewsWire free.

I have just bought a mac (arives tomorrow!) and will be selling my laptop (so no Windows = no FeedDemon).

Will I be able to use NetNewsWire on my mac as I can no longer use FeedDemon? I really hope he answer is yes :)

Hot damn, I had secretly been hoping for something like this to happen. Things are starting to look really interesting for us OS X/Windows hybrid users.

Awesome. I took a look at the NetNewsWire site for the first time today. I really like the idea of HTML Differences ( http://ranchero.com/images/nnw2/htmlDifferences.png ). Any chance we'll see that in a future version of FeedDemon? I hate having multiple news items of the same post, or worse, not receiving changed posts.

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