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Sunday, October 16, 2005


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Nick, I'm glad to hear you say that about companies not claiming what belongs to the users. All the more reason to use common formats, because inventing new ones makes it harder for users to move stuff around and is a less-visible way to own data. I see that happen all the time, and it's hard to call the developers on it, because it's so easy to confuse the issue. The developers have to really mean it, and care about it, not just talk about it.

Also, I have a document prepared and public about OPML that you might find interesting, per the discussion we had here a couple of weeks ago.


Hope the recovery is going well!!

I agree completely with "It's a mistake to rule out the desktop". People described Meebo, for example, as Web 2.0, which I feel is a completely technology-driven label. Meebo is certainly useful, but it's not 2.0 just because it uses Ajax. It has no more interaction than you can get from a conventional instant messenger or IRC (Web 0.5?).

A next-generation "Web 2.0" messenger would do something new, like allowing you to link your contacts with their latest Flickr photos, or their blog, or see what they're added to del.icio.us recently. Simply (well, I admit it's not simple) duplicating existing desktop applications online isn't revolutionary enough.

Hello Nick - I use FeedDemon - and was a HomeSite user from way back (gooo Delphi!).

Since I saw Dave in this thread (hi Dave) and it is Web 2.0/RSS related - I figured this is a good spot to ask you both how you feel about this:


I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

I run a local community/citizen journalism hub that features an aggregator.

Revision 1: I think it helps the product if it's trendy in the sense that people will jump on board. The new social web apps need a large user base to be effective, and utility only might just not cut it anymore.

Revision 2: Unfortunately, I think you're right. Most typical users will continue to purchase, download and install desktop software, whereas mainly power users (a small minority) will migrate away from desktop apps.

Revision 3: Hope this happens. But companies are greedy. I think users will have to learn to choose the good companies from the bad.

I've been doing some brainstorming on useful things here: http://web201.blogspot.com

I agree with the revision you made it here to Web2.0.
As for point #2 about the desktop, its absolutely necessary to have the desktop as the pivotal point, because thats where the user starts with.
Going a leap further I had a broad description of LifeStyle2.0, in extension of Web2.0 at http://www.emergintex.com/blog/?p=107

Your prediction has already come true. To ingnore the desktop is foolish.

Our new Blog Client integrates with Web 2.0 services Technorati, Google Blog Search, Del.icio.us, Furl.net, Flikr and Amazon today.

We know we are the first of many to do the same.

Desktop 2.0 is here.

The Hybrid Platform.

The power of the desktop is important for user experience and will be for a very long time. We've developed a hybrid of a desktop application platform and web services platform with pipes in between. The result? Great user experience, the breadth of the web, and the ability to use tech like AJAX, COM, scripting, etc.

SDK Alpha 1.0 coming in November.

I agree with Revision 2 about not ruling out the desktop and Charlie Crystle's "hybrid platform". Some things simply cannot be done in a web browser for network latency reasons or because the nature of the task consumes a lot of server CPU cycles. Everything else should be done remotely.

However, for the things that cannot be done remotely, we can download the algorithm for how to do them remotely. This allows them to be updated more frequently, and having everyone on one version is easier to support.

I couldn't agree more, sir. Also I just picked up a copy of FeedDemon and I'm enjoying it greatly. I'll post a review on my blog this weekend for sure.

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