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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


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Will the shipping version of 2.0 support sub-folders?


Great job. Any chance there will be a Mac version anytime soon?

Despite being a licensed FeedDemon user I have not installed it since my last rebuild (every cuppla months with XP it seems).

Why? Bloglines. So much easier - less complicated - and free.

Charlie, FD2.0 won't have nested subfolders, but I expect to make them available in the future.

"NewMexiKen," there won't be a Mac version, but NetNewsWire is now a NewsGator product, and a new version of NetNewsWire with synchronization is in the works.

Peter, I hope you'll give FeedDemon 2.0 a try. I think you'll find it much easier and far less complicated.

Absolutely loving this new version!

Thanks Nick!

Finally! I'll be trying this, for sure.

Congratulations, Nick. FeedDemon 2.0 looks nice and is really handy. I don't regret I've payed for it (about two years ago, but *pst*)

Rock on, I've really been looking forward to trying out Feed Demon 2. Can't wait to see what you'll do with Feed Demon on Windows Vista.

I miss the following options:

*When a news item is selected, go directly to its link when its description is empty

*When a news item is selected, always go directly to its link

and I would like to use firefox!

otherwise feeddemon 2 completely well succeeded.
I likes it very much!

Nice. Really nice. Within my short testing session I only noticed a (minor?) glitch: importing an OPML with subfolders these seem to be added to the root of the feed list and not the parent folder. And I miss a keyboard shortcut/hotkey to mark the items read in the current folder only.

Great job and I might reconsider using it in favor of RSSBandit.

Excellent job, congratulations.

lol @ people whinging in the first few comments, some people will just never be happy

Glad we can finally blog about the beta :D

Yay! Thanks SO much Nick.

You are a star. I love FeedDemon. Ditto Topstyle. I use them both, all the time when I'm bolted to the computer.

Can't wait to go play with beta 2 :)

Just tried beta 2.0.



It's great!

Terrific, I love it! Thanks, Nick!

Very nice Nick, great job. What happened to the Attention stuff? The last beta release has some in there...has the feature been dropped?



Thanks, Alex. The attention stuff is still there - it's part of the main subscription view (most/least attention) rather than a separate report.

Do you recommend a newby -- just used to version 1.5 try it out -- I'm kind of weak with technology although getting better with time. Is there anything I could get into trouble with?
Thanks much...

All I can say is Wow! I always thought that the drop down channel approach in 1.5 was a bit weak. Having folder trees makes blog-surfing so much easier. Also, I love the new features for viewing; the newspaper view is now really useful.

Keep up the great work!

ob3, I hesitate to recommend a beta version to a new user, but quite honestly I think you'll find version 2.0 much easier to use than previous versions. If you're comfortable using a pre-release, I'd say give it a try.

Brilliant work Nick! This release is truly a leap forward. While I still tend to use NewsGator most often (simply beacuse Outlook is open almost all of the time), this version of FeedDemon is the first to make me seriously reconsider my RSS consumption habits. I know I've barely scratched the surface of all the work you've put into this new release but I'm loving every little feature and enhancement I've encountered so far.

Any chance of the "Last 24 hours" filter being put back in? I use that a lot and it's a lot better if you're browsing feeds around 12AM - 1AM if, like me, you work funny hours and get home late.

If you set it to "Today" at that kind of time you get nothing or just a few items and if you set it to "Yesterday" you get get all the old stuff but none of the new stuff.

Other than that, it's really well done. The 'folder' view works really well.

Nick, ah, I see it now. thanks.

I'd really like to see more levels in the folders view too. Other than that I think this might be the version for me. In the past I've looked at FeedDemon but not bought it because of the channel view thing. When multiple levels get implemented in the folder view I'm definitely jumping on the bandwagon, synchronization plan and all.

Just wanted to drop my two cents and say that this is the FeedDemon I've always wanted. My one gripe is that when I drag feeds into another folder it collapses the folder it was in, when in fact I'd like to keep it open. I haven't read the comments so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. Otherwise, this product is really really what I've always wanted of it.

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