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Monday, January 23, 2006


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I'm surprised you can even find the time to blog at the moment ;)

There are so many forum posts that I've given up tracking more than the really important ones.

Please, allow the customization of the URL for the del.icio.us feature. There are several "del.icio.us alike" opensource programs out there, that completely emulate the del.icio.us API that I would like to take advantage of, instead of using del.icio.us. As an example, Scuttle (http://www.scuttle.org/).


I'm a little bit surprised I can't find your email address on your main website (?)

I tried to register at the support forum, but there's no confirmation email being sent so I can't use that forum (yes, of course I checked my spam folder). So the only thing for me to do is respond in your blog and hope that you will read it.

I'm still trying out Feeddemon, and there are actually only two things that I'd like to see changed in order to become an excited customer that wants to spend his hard earned money on your product:
1. I want to be able to have more sub levels in the channelgroups. Now, I can create a channelgroup "MP3", but in it I have a list of more than 500 blogs. I want to be able to further group them, because scrolling through a list of 500 blogs is ...

2. I'm using Firefox for browsing, since that's much better than using Feeddemon (no offense, Nick; your product serves a different purpose). Anytime there is an RSS feed, you can see the icon down right under. But: the only thing you can do is click on it and subscribe to the feed; in Firefox... And that's not what I want; I want to subscribe in it via Feeddemon. So this is a very crazy, time consuming and RSI-serving, way of working; first I need to add the feed in Firefox as a live bookmark, then I need to go to the properties of that live bookmark to find the link to feed, then I need to copy and paste that into feeddemon, and then I need to delete the live bookmark again from Firefox (or otherwise FF will get slower everytime I start it up). Now of course it's not your problem that you can not see the properties of the feed on the icon in FF, but my question is: can you find a workaround for it? Because of I just copy and paste the link to the blog webpage (so, not the feed) into FD, and tell it to autodiscover, it can not find any RSS feeds. (PS I know of course that you can do a direct copy and paste whenever you see the "XML" icon on a blog, but that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the situation when such an icon is absent (which it is in 99,99%), and the only thing you see is the icon down right in your FF-bar).

Looking forward to your reply,



Hans - You should have received a confirmation message for the forums. Please send an email to [email protected] with your forum id and we'll fix this.

Subfolders are a frequent request. It's on the radar, but it won't make it into the 2.0 release.

There is an extension for Firefox called "Feed Your Reader" that makes it easy to subscribe to FeedDemon, and pretty much any other RSS reader from within Firefox. You can find out more about it :


Where is "search" in the 2.0 beta? I mean, search the downloaded articles in the db, not web search?

You have to nail search. With Newsgator Outlook I could search with Lookout or Google Desktop or MSN Desktop. But, with FeedDemon it's all on you!

This is the Google generation, you HAVE TO NAIL SEARCH!


The search is at the top of every newspaper view when using Surfer (the only fully supported style currently in the beta).

If you click the root Subscriptions folder, all downloaded content will be searched. You can narrow the search field by selecting a folder or a feed.

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