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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


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Feed Demon 2 is amazing. I totally love the new UI and features and am completely blown away by the speed (especially since beta's tend to be bogged down with diagnostics). Tip top.

I installed FeedDemon on Vista 5270 and worked without any problems it looked really cool!

It's pretty amazing...I had gone to Bloglines because I wasn't satisfied with any offline readers, but this may lure me back (if only it were free/ad supported!).

I wish I could make it open ALL links in tabs be default (instead of having to select the new tab link, etc.).

Less blogging, more coding. Nick, get back to work. We need our next beta. ;)

haha Nick didn't we tell you this was your best work ever ;)

Although I'm wishing I'd thought to post my screenshots on Flickr like Steve Lacey did, they got almost zero exposure despite posting them a week ago :)

Nick, I've been using your applications since the editor pre HomeSite (can't remember its name), and I've enjoyed using all of them. FeedDemon 2 is the best ever !

First off all the useablity is better that 1.5.The folder concept is better than 1.5 versions.But the think lacking is I tried to import an opml file and it you have to import it to a folder.If you create a folder to move some feeds from one folder to another why does the folder I moved one closes eachtime I move one feed to another folder? Why cant you maintain the state ? I have to decompess it each time.Plus I cant multiple select and move say 4 feeds from one folder to nother.Why brad why are these things not there.Plus why does you scroll bar not move up if the tree level is really huge what if my folder is up and I am trying to drag something from the bottom of it.? Why not a feed manager? Like firefox bookmark manager but simple and useable?????????????????????????????????????????????????

After reading this post, I downloaded the beta and installed it into a separate folder from 1.5 to check it out.

I absolutely concur with all of the positive response. FeedDemon 2.0, even if it is a beta, greatly simplifies managing all of my news and feed subscriptions over 1.5. Nice work!

Great upgrade. A important feature is missing in 2.0 that was in 1.5. No possibility to keep a post once read (unless you uncheck option "Mark feed read as switching feeds", but then it remains marked unread all the time...confusing). It is important to have the possibility to read a post, have it marked unread and still keep it in Feeddemon without being autodeleted

Ouriel, older items aren't autodeleted. Perhaps what you're seeing is due to having the newspaper filter set to show only unread items?

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