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Sunday, March 26, 2006


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How about release English.fdlang2 before FD2.0 Final released? So that many other language files may released at the same time.


Youz da bomb! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Now, about version 3....

Cheers, Julisn


Just downloaded the latest (.19) and love it - can't get through my day without it.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Thank you Nick for giving us such a great piece of software!


Well done Nick :)

Congratulations Nick :)

Other commitments have meant I couldn't keep up with the forum posts over the last 3-4 weeks, sorry I couldn't help more but I'm glad I was involved in the early alpha at least.

Congratulations! An I still say that FD is the best piece of software I have bought.

Well done :)

Great work Nick!

Great news! Now on to/back to TS 4!!!!!

Excellent. Sleep well...

I support Thom about TopStyle 4 (enjoying the new feeddemon release) :)

Jedi: I'm afraid we decided to ship the initial 2.0 without localized FDLANGs, but if you create a translation just let me know and I'll certainly link to you from here.

Andrew: you certainly have nothing to be sorry for - your help during the betas was really great and very much appreciated!

Thanks for adding the 'Last 24 hours' filter alongside 'Today' and 'Yesterday'. It's really useful.

Not many people can release "beta" software that has been stable and usable day-to-day since the first public release. That alone speaks volumes about Nick and his dedication to great software.

Heck I've been a fan since Homesite!

Chinese language files for FeedDemon lives at http://jedi.org/p4/l10n/FeedDemon/

But, again, the translator credit and subscription expiring information overlap in "About" screen.

Any transtion issue please reply directly to me, thanks.

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