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Monday, April 17, 2006


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Congrats Nick! And good luck to you on the rest of you journey :)

Congrats Nick! Good luck on losing the rest.

I started on January 1st. Lost about 22 pounds so far, which is about half my goal. In the long run, anything more than a pound or two a week isn't healthy or maintainable. Gets frustrating though. I'll have weeks where there's no progress, and the next week I drop 2-3 pounds. Keep at it!

Good work! Best to take it off slow, if you don't want to add it all back.

Good job. The key is lifestyle changes that you can live with. Going on a diet is a sure way to fail!

The more good food you eat, the more you crave. the though of fast food makes me sick, but a year ago I was ADDICTED!

Keep it up.

Any time you feel like cheating on your diet, just think of a plate full of crusty old toenails like the one that got me.

I lost 40 pounds by dieting and exercising. 15 more pounds to go. but I am stuck with this stubborn few pounds. my wedding is in june. help!!!!

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