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Monday, April 10, 2006


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Don't feel to down, mine got so boring that after a month with no posts I just trashed it completely and gave up! So hang in there ;-)

Ugh, how about being mute on a Podcast - me, guilty!

Why dont you tell us something different.. Something from your personal life...! How you become a programer for example?

Nick, I'm a huge fan of NewsGator Online and I also like what I've seen of FeedDemon. Your comment "the surest sign that your blog is boring is when you write about blogging, so perhaps there's no hope after all" made me smile - I'm one of those hopeless bloggers-on-blogging.

I just wanted to comment on my commenting. I've noticed that my commenting has been less frequent as of late. Of course that is directly correlated to the boringness (word?) of your blog. LOL. J/K Nickster

Or, you could just jump full bore into Topstyle 4.0, but ... who the heck am I to say so.


>>My nephew Tommy says that my blog has become boring lately

A blog is never boring, maybe its not interesting for Tommy ?!?

I've more or less been doing nothing worth mentioning, but eh. My life's been really bland today. I don't care. I've just been letting everything happen without me these days. That's how it is.

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