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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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I see open RSS platforms as a way for aggregators to do even more cool things with less work. That was the basis of my talk at ETech, letting developers know there are already teams of people focused on parsing the XML, and there are many different applications that can build on top of the data.

Will the aggregation space in 5 years look like the e-mail world of today? Most people use the applications bundled with their PC or a productivity package on the desktop, or webmail through a large company or ISP. Outlook, Mail.app, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, etc.

Then again there are still premium Usenet readers out there such as Unison on the Mac.

I think developers of any application take into account a big player moving into the space and how they can move quickly and uniquely to deliver the features their users want. This was definitely the case with Google moving into blog search while I was at Technorati.

Thanks for your good thoughts and I'll continue to remain open to discussion and new ideas from the entire community.

Nick, your last two words are the key: "remain innovative". Even if MS were to take 99% of your current space, there's always something new to be done.

Dammit. Move to Seattle. :)

I second Chris ;-)

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