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Friday, May 12, 2006


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Keep going, I'm 7 years older than you, and just getting to my best stuff!

Ah yes, the new RHCP album is excellent! Though I have to admit, I was a sucker and got it through iTunes for $20 when Best Buy down the street had it for $13. Oh well it's a great album and worth it, and I got an "exclusive" 20 minute video.

Bought Stadium Arcadium off of iTunes for the wife on Tues and after never having been a huge RHCP fan myself, and I have to say that it is definately a great album. The new Pearl Jam is good too, though maybe not as great a straight listen through. There is something about albums produced by Rick Rubin that bring the essence of a band out. Hope all is good. What's up with the new FeedDemon release? This is the first alert I have gotten that hasn't gotten a blog post...

I am 37, but did not get into programming until 5 years ago. Where does that put me?

I'm 39 (40 if you round, but I prefer to just truncate.)

Until I was 37, I worked for other people. Had the most fun as a developer. Didn't like when I went into management, but that could because of the insanely depressing environment and a bully CEO that I reported to.

Now I'm off on my own. I hope to keep my hands on development and I do enjoy managing myself, with a business partner, and look forward to managing a few employes. The marketing and other aspects of the job are fun to.

it's never too late to do your best work. Don't any of you despair. Just have fun.

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