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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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I suspect the reasons that Outlook 2007 doesn't use the Windows RSS Platform have more to do with development schedules (and maybe a little interdivisional politics) than technology.


Do you have any thoughts on IE7's overriding of any sort of skinning (via XSL or CSS) of RSS feeds with their own transformation in IE7?

I blog about it here:


Charlie, you're probably right - I've updated the post to include this possibility.

Rich, I just added a comment to your blog post.

I'm not fully familiar with Microsoft's new RSS plaform, so I could be wrong here. It's possible that they haven't completely integrated with it in Outlook because they want to have the same experience across all versions of Windows. An organization may upgrade to Office 2k7, but they might have a mix of new and old PCs with some that don't have the new RSS platform. It could be confusing to users who see different functionality in the same version of Outlook.

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